The Yeti Sound Machine, the BOOK! by Raquel Meyers (2014)
8.5” x 8.5” Paperback, 35 Pages and full color #PETSCII!
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The Yeti Sound Machine was performed at La Gaîté lyrique (Paris,2014). The show presents a magical world, that is made with animated text characters (PETSCII) by Raquel Meyers & 8-bit music by Goto80.

Sunday 7/27/2014

PETSCII; book; 2014; 2010s; raquel meyers; print;

All American BBS - a software to run your own bulletin board. The American way! It’s still in use, for example at Borderline BBS.

More info. Images from here.

bbs; scene; 1986; 1980s; petscii; c64; usa;

By Aaron Marcus using Fortran on a PDP-10, 1972-1974.


Saturday 7/26/2014

1970s; text art; code; usa;

Susan Kare’s notebook with Apple’s bitmap images.

Susan Kare’s notebook with Apple’s bitmap images.

Friday 7/25/2014

grid; drawing; icon; 1980s;

Going, going, gone!

Thursday 7/24/2014

oracle; teletext; UK; 1992; 1990s;

ORACLE page 100, 1978.

ORACLE page 100, 1978.


Wednesday 7/23/2014

teletext; 1978; 1970s; uk;

Angela Merkel teletext portrait.

Zum Geburtstag holen wir unser #AngelaMerkel #Videotext #Porträt aus dem Archiv #GesichterdesJahres2013
— ARD Text (@ARDText)
July 17, 2014

Angela Merkel teletext portrait.

teletext; 2014; 2010s; videotext; ADRtext; germany; twitter;

Julio Le Parc, acrylic on canvas, 1959. via

Julio Le Parc, acrylic on canvas, 1959. via

Tuesday 7/22/2014

julio le parc; op art; 1950s; 1959;

nan orazu

ASCII scan from the Sci-Fi movie The Andromeda Strain (1971) by Robert Wise

Sunday 7/20/2014

ascii; film; animation; gif; 1971; 1970s; The Andromeda Strain;

Sneakers Stitch. Delaware, 2005.

#Teletext for All. Mark Cook’s’advertising flyer dating from c.1982, via.

Saturday 7/19/2014

1982; advertising; 1980s; UK; print; teletext;

Park Avenue (teletext soap) at ORACLE Teletext ITV p126 (1988-1991), created by Robbie Burns. Via.

Park Avenue; teletext; oracle; soap; UK; 1980s; 1990s; gif;

In November 1981 in UK, Kenneth Baker, the Minister for Information Technology, proclaimed 1982 as “Information Technology Year, IT-82.” to support for the use of IT, like teletext and viewdata. Via

1982; 1980s; teletext; UK; viewdata; CEEFAX; prestel; print; oracle; IT-82;