#Teletext for All. Mark Cook’s’advertising flyer dating from c.1982, via.

Saturday 7/19/2014

1982; advertising; 1980s; UK; print; teletext;

Park Avenue (teletext soap) at ORACLE Teletext ITV p126 (1988-1991), created by Robbie Burns. Via.

Park Avenue; teletext; oracle; soap; UK; 1980s; 1990s; gif;

In November 1981 in UK, Kenneth Baker, the Minister for Information Technology, proclaimed 1982 as “Information Technology Year, IT-82.” to support for the use of IT, like teletext and viewdata. Via

1982; 1980s; teletext; UK; viewdata; CEEFAX; prestel; print; oracle; IT-82;

Oracle Teletext 1980s, via.

Oracle Teletext 1980s, via.

oracle; teletext; 1980s; UK;

Nice to Meet You by Delaware, 2004. Music & animation for Shockwave. 

Nice to Meet You by Delaware, 2004. Music & animation for Shockwave. 

Friday 7/18/2014

delaware; animation; 2004; japan;



Thursday 7/17/2014

shiftJIS; japan; 2014;

Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. Good example of how nature’s hexagonal bias can produce blocky shapes.

Wednesday 7/16/2014

nature; organic; scotland;

Very ambitious out-of-grid ASCII-animation for maximizing profit, IBM-style. Business intelligence, yo. Downstream. Made by Critica, 2012.

Tuesday 7/15/2014

animation; 2012; advertising; grid;

Delaware, Forest. 2002-2005.

Monday 7/14/2014

delaware; japan; 2000s; design; mosaic;

ATASCII animation by Alan Kirk, 1986. Also uses custom characters.

More info & ATASCII-videos at Break Into Chat.

Sunday 7/13/2014

atari; atascii; animation; 1986;

Cat (Animal)

From the Artoon stitch series by Delaware, 2001.

Friday 7/11/2014

2001; delaware; japan; cross-stitch;

Example uses of the VGT228 Plus Colour Video Title Generator

by Videosmithery

Thursday 7/10/2014

titler; on-screen display; 2012;