#Teletext for All. Mark Cook’s’advertising flyer dating from c.1982, via.

Saturday 7/19/2014

1982; advertising; 1980s; UK; print; teletext;

Very ambitious out-of-grid ASCII-animation for maximizing profit, IBM-style. Business intelligence, yo. Downstream. Made by Critica, 2012.

Tuesday 7/15/2014

animation; 2012; advertising; grid;

Corporate trixels.

Monday 6/16/2014

advertising; trixels; 2010s;

Melbourne <3 ▲ and Sydney Design 2013 <3 ▲.

Sunday 6/15/2014

trixels; 2013; 2014; australia; advertising;

OMG breast implant ASCII advertising, via
h/t: Lazerbeat

OMG breast implant ASCII advertising, via

h/t: Lazerbeat

Tuesday 4/8/2014

advertising; usa; 2014; ascii; print;

Another example of ASCII-advertising. A video of Gisele Bündchen & her underwear has been converted to ASCII and runs as animated text in the browser.

Watch it here.


Friday 3/14/2014

conversion; html; 2014; advertising; ascii; animation;

Put smiles in your board!
Pic by Notice Notice (2014)

Monday 3/10/2014

smile; LED; 2010s; advertising;

Datavision, Swedish videotex service (1979)

Thursday 2/27/2014

datavision; videotex; 1970s; 1979; sweden; advertising;

Cross Led Displays by VisionLED Tech Co

Tuesday 2/18/2014

cross led; led; advertising; display;

A german ad for MZ-700 games 

Wednesday 2/5/2014

game; 1980s; germany; MZ 700; advertising; SharpSCII; Sharp MZ;

Spanish ad for the Sharp MZ-700

Spanish ad for the Sharp MZ-700

Monday 2/3/2014

advertising; spain; 1980s; MZ-700; MZ 700; Sharp MZ; SharpSCII;

German ad for MZ-700. 

χχχ spanish teletext from Tele 5 TV channel (2013)

Sunday 2/2/2014

χχχ; advertising; 2010s; teletexto; teletext; 2013; spain; tele5;

New York’s LED Billboard from the movie Koyaanisqatsi (1982) by Godfrey Reggio.

Billboard; LED; advertising; 1980s; Koyaanisqatsi; film;

The atresmedia teletext χχχ boys (spain, 2013)

Saturday 2/1/2014

Atresmedia; teletexto; teletext; spain; advertising; χχχ; 2013; 2010s;