ASCII scan from the Sci-Fi movie The Andromeda Strain (1971) by Robert Wise

Sunday 7/20/2014

ascii; film; animation; gif; 1971; 1970s; The Andromeda Strain;

Nice to Meet You by Delaware, 2004. Music & animation for Shockwave. 

Nice to Meet You by Delaware, 2004. Music & animation for Shockwave. 

Friday 7/18/2014

delaware; animation; 2004; japan;

Very ambitious out-of-grid ASCII-animation for maximizing profit, IBM-style. Business intelligence, yo. Downstream. Made by Critica, 2012.

Tuesday 7/15/2014

animation; 2012; advertising; grid;

ATASCII animation by Alan Kirk, 1986. Also uses custom characters.

More info & ATASCII-videos at Break Into Chat.

Sunday 7/13/2014

atari; atascii; animation; 1986;

Real-time video conversion into variable size text blocks by Sebastien Chevren, 2010.

Wednesday 7/9/2014

2010; conversion; animation; size;

Knit for Defense (2012) by CAT MAZZA.
An experimental animation created from knit stitches.

Monday 7/7/2014

knitting; animation; textile; 2010s; 2012;

Jan Dybala ASCII-video for a Charles Bukowski text (?).

Saturday 7/5/2014

conversion; 2010; animation;

Music video by Round Trip Mars for SJD’s Baby You’re Oh So, 2010. Nice combination of video-to-ASCII, illustration and code. 

Tuesday 6/24/2014

2010; conversion; animation; music video;

All displayable Unicode characters, one for each frame. Made by Jörg Piringer. It shows 49571 characters, compared to decodeunicode’s that shows 51,980. Possibly because he only uses one font? (Helvetica)

More info (and free poster)

Monday 6/23/2014

jörg piringer; 2011; unicode; germany; animation;

2 hour video that shows all the 109,242 characters of Unicode 6.0. Made by the decodeunicode crew, apparently independent from the one that Jörg Piringer did.

Sunday 6/22/2014

decodeunicode; 2013; germany; unicode; animation;

Bleeding Kansas - This Song Will F**k You. Music video with text conversion that plays a lot with zoom (differently sized text).

Video by Moses Venegas, 2008.

Friday 6/6/2014

2008; conversion; animation; music video;

KBP-Reconfigure by A. Bill Miller, 2010.

Saturday 5/24/2014

animation; 2010; usa; a bill miller;

Thread of fate. Choose your destiny with a #teletext page!
A solo performance by raquel meyers.
“Analog-Epilog” Musrara Mix #14 Festival, 20th-22th may 2014.

Tuesday 5/20/2014

teletext; 2014; 2010s; animation; gif; performance; text-tv; teletexto; raquel meyers;

By Delaware, 2005. »

Tuesday 5/13/2014

japan; 2005; delaware; design; animation;