Datavision, Swedish videotex service (1979)

Thursday 2/27/2014

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Televerkets Datavision and Videotex screens from the 80s (Sweden).
They were printed on a Shinwa CPA80.

Tuesday 7/31/2012

datavision; videotex; 1980s; Televerkets; sweden; print;

Datavision, from the magazine VIC rapport nº 3 (1984)

Datavision, from the magazine VIC rapport nÂș 3 (1984)

Monday 5/28/2012

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Datavision (1979), Text-TV in Sweden.

Datavision (1979), Text-TV in Sweden.

Thursday 5/10/2012

Text-TV; advertising; datavision; videotex; teletext; 1970s;