Delaware, Forest. 2002-2005.

Monday 7/14/2014

delaware; japan; 2000s; design; mosaic;

Cloudy, by Delaware 2005.

Cloudy, by Delaware 2005.

Monday 7/7/2014

japan; 2005; mosaic; design;

From Delaware’s Kiss before dying series (2005).

Thursday 7/3/2014

delaware; 2005; mosaic; japan; 2000s;

via siggieggertsson:

#Summer #Sommer #Sumar

via siggieggertsson:

#Summer #Sommer #Sumar

Thursday 6/26/2014

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"World’s Largest Lite-Brite." by Mark Beekman (2007).
Measuring approximately 5 feet tall by 10 feet wide, over 125,000 original Lite-Brite pegs were used to recreate a 1:9 scale of Leonardo DaVinci’s “Last Supper.”

Monday 6/9/2014

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Luminodot templates, via.

Sunday 6/8/2014

luminodot; mosaic; toy;

web-based Lite-Brite experiment by Type Theory (2009)

web-based Lite-Brite experiment by Type Theory (2009)

Wednesday 6/4/2014

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[Mosaic design, Palermo, Italy, 12th century.] by Sanier, G (1874). Via.

[Mosaic design, Palermo, Italy, 12th century.] by Sanier, G (1874). Via.

Wednesday 5/28/2014

1874; 1800s; mosaic; pattern; tessellation; italy;

The B52s in the Cherryblossom. Delaware, 2005.

The B52s in the Cherryblossom. Delaware, 2005.

Wednesday 5/21/2014

delaware; 2005; japan; mosaic;


Far away in an isolated Russian village called Kamarchaga, located in the Siberian Taiga, lives a creative and dedicated pensioner named Olga Kostina who has meticulously decorated the exterior of her home with 30,000 plastic bottle caps.

Olga collected the bottle caps over the course of many years and only began to hammer them into place once she felt she had accumulated enough. Clearly this is a person with tremendous patience. The bottle caps have been carefully arranged into colourful, detailed mosaics depicting traditional macrame motifs and local woodland creatures. Each bottle cap has been hammered into place by Olga herself. It comes as no surprise to learn that her awesome home has since become something of a local landmark.

Photos by Ilya Naymushin

[via Designboom]

Saturday 3/29/2014

2010s; pattern; siberia; mosaic;

Visualize your browser habits with this plugin. It sequences the favicons of all the URLs you have visited lately. Mine was just full of braille symbols because of Flappy Braille, so these images are from here. 

Made by Shan Huang. More info here. Get the plugin for Chrome here.

Sunday 3/23/2014

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Four geometric compositions by André Durenceau (1904). Via.

Monday 3/17/2014

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Luminodot HD Lite Brite from Bandai, is a 70 x 50 grid, 3,500 peg display.
Watch the demo video here!.

luminodot; bandai; peg; toy; mosaic; animation; japan; grid;

HABA Pattern Mosaic toy

Friday 2/21/2014

pattern; mosaic; toy; haba; 1980s;

Mosaic Pattern Blocks by Atelier Fischer, from here.

Saturday 2/15/2014

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