Soundcloud 2000 - a command line interface for Soundcloud (that recently started to delete songs that sample from Universal’s catalogue).

By Matthias Georgi & Tobias Schmidt, 2013.

Saturday 8/23/2014

command line interface; 2013; 2010s; textmode;

Chrdius, a Gradius-like game in text mode. Made in Petit Computer - a BASIC-environment for Nintendo DS.

h/t: 4mat

Thursday 7/31/2014

2013; game; textmode;

By Rootcat, who´s been working with his characteristic ASCII-style for several years now. Visit his ASCII-tagged Tumblr-posts here.

Wednesday 6/11/2014

textmode; 2010s; conversion; font;

A Norwegian teenager tattoos a McDonald’s receipt on his arm & then tattoos the receipt of the tattoo studio, which he got free of charge so then he didn’t do more tattoos. The end.

Monday 4/7/2014

tattoo; textmode; 2014; 2010s; norway;

TempleOS, a modern operating system that taps into both C64 and the bible.

It’s like a modern, souped-up, multi-tasking, cross between DOS and a Commodore 64.  It has a C64-like shell with HolyC, a dialect of C/C++, instead of BASIC.  It was written from scratch, and not even ASCII was sacred — it has 8-bit unsigned character source code to support European languages.  Also, the source code has graphics.

Friday 3/21/2014

textmode; 2010s; operating system;

By Dominique Pétrin, via 

By Dominique Pétrin, via 

Tuesday 2/25/2014

canada; textmode; art; 2010s;

Howie B’s forthcoming album Down With the Dawn, designed by Mat Cook.

source / via

Wednesday 2/12/2014

textmode; commercial; 2010s;

By a_ndros, in a similar style to ONull.

By a_ndros, in a similar style to ONull.

Saturday 12/14/2013

textmode; 2010s;

TM cover design by Hans-Rudolf Lutz (1965).

Tuesday 11/26/2013

Typography; design; textmode; 1960s;

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt – Tri Colore

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt – Tri Colore

Friday 8/16/2013

80s; textmode;

Supernovae by Victor Vasarely around 1960. (via littlespectacle)

Supernovae by Victor Vasarely around 1960. (via littlespectacle)

(via itfgrafikdesign)

Wednesday 8/7/2013

textmode; grid; 1960s;

By dirtyoldpics.

By dirtyoldpics.

Thursday 7/18/2013

2010s; textmode; ansi;

Snake scales, nature text-mode locomotion.

Wednesday 7/17/2013

nature; Snake scales; textmode; organic; has a logo made completely in text, so you can select it and do this. All night long.

Thursday 6/13/2013

textmode; 2010s; logotype;

Russian SMS art from 2008. More here. If you know where to find more SMS graphics like this (for stupid phones) then pls let us know.

Sunday 6/2/2013

sms; textmode; cyrillic; 2000s;