@youkan700 MZ-700版シュタゲ8BITも同時発売!(しません)

700 MZ-700版シュタゲ8BITも同時発売!(しません)

Friday 2/7/2014

MZ-700; japan; text mode; Twitter; mz 700; SharpSCII; Sharp MZ;

@spread_bomb 昔こんなのを作りました(^^; pic.twitter.com/3CqvZlg7Bv
— 紅茶羊羹 (@youkan700)
June 5, 2013

Wednesday 2/5/2014

MZ-700; japan; Twitter; mz 700; SharpSCII; Sharp MZ;

【キャラグラお蔵出し】かねごんPのアイマスデモに衝撃を受けての落描き。このときはVerUp版を作るつもりとか全然なくてただの絵なんですが、UgeoさんをはじめMZ-700クラスタで悪乗りした結果なぜかあんなことに…w http://t.co/hpLhYitQ
— 紅茶羊羹 (@youkan700)
March 27, 2012

text mode; MZ-700; Japan; twitter; mz 700; SharpSCII; Sharp MZ;

        ._、、、_       / ・ω・ヽ  ピョン   l  ┳  l   ピョン  `’ー || -‐´          ⊂§⊃        . . §  ⌒ヽ〃⌒ヽ〃
— 162億円♥アスキーアートbot (@TwitAA_bot) January 23, 2014
Thursday 1/23/2014

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Looks like Glitchr has outdone himself on Twitter…

Looks like Glitchr has outdone himself on Twitter


Wednesday 9/11/2013

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Tweets by Haruko Hirukawa, 2013.

Thursday 4/25/2013

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Make your own text-mode tweets with 15by7 by Matt Round.
Thanks to Glafouk for the tip.

Tuesday 3/5/2013

twitter; text-mode; 2010s; 15by7; unicode;


tweet designed in collaboration with Gregory Wadsworth @aGGregArt


Twitter Text Art Car Commercial


A Twitter profile from Smart Argentina (@smartArg) features all the frames to a text art animation, a car commercial. I put this gif animation together to see what it looks like - the idea being that you press / hold the ‘j’ button on your keyboard to automatically jump to the next tweet in succession. 

You can try it out for yourself here 

PS - I tried to get this to upload as a photo post (the image easily fits the limits, yet wouldn’t upload - no idea why …)